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Morphe Brush Case Fail?!?!

I was pretty annoyed when I was on my recent trip and I realized my Morphe Square Snakeskin case was broken. I know I’ve had this for about a year, but I’ve only used this on vacations, so that was a total of 4 vacations this year +2 weddings that I had to do makeup for.  That’s not a lot of use for a brush case. I know at the end of the day I could still use it if I really wanted to, but it’s not ideal (btw I also checked my back up brush case that was used ONCE and the bottom piece is popping up underneath the fabric too).


According to the website, this is advertised as “… both gorgeous and durable with a sleek, embossed texture that wipes down easily.”. I am so beyond disappointed in this because it was the LAST thing from Morphe that I actually liked, but I wouldn’t recommend this to people anymore because I personally think that brush cases should be better built. Brush cases are meant to be portable and super durable to handle the beatings in a suitcase and thrown into makeup kit, it also was really annoying to open already, so the size and durability of it were really what it had going for it. I guess I’ll be looking for a new brush case. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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