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Mani Monday – Preggo Edition

So, since I’ve been on prenatal vitamins, my nails are growing like CRAZY. The problem is when my nails grow out too long they tend to break really easily. I don’t like getting gels or acrylics because they always DESTROYED my nails so that they’re super weak when I remove them, or I have to constantly get them done, which I really don’t want to pay for all the time because it’s an expense that adds up real fast. Regular nail polish is great and all, but for me, it always chips and gets terrible looking after like 3 days. Being preggos and all, I didn’t want to constantly be breathing in the acetone and nail polish fumes to keep my mani looking fresh. I finally decided to give the OPI Infinite Shine line a try and I’m OBSESSED.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Not only does it last me [almost] a full two weeks (mostly cuz of nail growth not chipping), I feel like it’s a little thicker than a regular polish consistency (but less than a gel polish) and therefore protects my nails from breaking better. In all transparency, I did just break a nail, but I’m pretty sure that it was cuz it was already nicked on the side and was peeling off. I also like that because the polish is a little thicker, I find it MUCH easier to get a clean application. Here are some of the colors I got:

Processed with VSCO with  preset

So the base and top coat, I was hesitant on, BUT I actually really like them. They work well with the step 2 formula and it doesn’t take forever to dry.

Top Row left – right:

  • Como Se Llama? – Peru Collection
  • I Love You Just Be – Cusco – Peru Collection
  • Cajun Shrimp – Classics

Bottom Row left – right:

  • Tickle My France-y – Classics. It’s also the one on my nails in the 1st picture and I’m obsessed with this girly nude.
  • Coconut Over OPI – Fiji Collection. Also another favorite nude
  • Gelato On My Mind – Classics

I got all of these at They seemed to have the widest variety of places I shop, but it did struggle with the color selection because it’s hard to tell the color from the site and I can never seem to find a wide selection in stores. If you live in the Orange County area, Westminster has a lot of nail shops that always have a HUGE selection of these that you can see in person (and most of the colors are swatched for you already). I’ve moved rather far from it though and I’m sad, because I miss going [and getting yummy Vietnamese food]. These are definitely pricier than I’d like to spend on nail polish, BUT still saves a TON of money on getting gels and that’s a win in my book. I don’t know if I could go back to reg nail polish (even though I have like 800 bottles). I probably would if I wanted to do nail art or use a color I can’t find in the Infinite Shine line. I do wish they would launch more colors because this line is honestly amazing. I’ll just wait for new collections to launch.

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