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Bringing Fall Into Your Home

I LOVE Fall. I always have (probably because my birthday is in Fall). One of my favorite things to do is decorate for fall, but I can’t this year because I’m too preggers (and on strict limited physical activity) to go into my storage and dig out the Fall decor and I can’t  buy much because I have no more space in storage to stash it later. So I’ve resorted to finding different ways to make it feel like Fall.

  1. Candles:


Fall candles are my FAVORITE!!! I’m obsessed with these Signature Soy ones from Target. they smell amazing. I’m not huge on sweet smelling scents, I love the warm and spicy scents. Apple Cider and Orange Clove are two of my favorite scents because it’s fresh and crisp with that warm home-y scent. I also LOVE the smell of Autumn Sky from Bath and Body Works, but I’m currently super annoyed that the candles are pretty expensive and the last few I bought the wicks stop holding a flame halfway down and it such a waste. The Signature Soy ones are less than half the price (around $10 depending on which Target you go to) and I’ve never had an issue with them burning properly.

2. Soaps and Cleaning Supplies:


I LOVE Mrs Meyer’s Cleaning stuff. We have to use biodegradable soaps because we’re on a septic system, and Method dries out my hands like CRAZY. Last year I was obsessed with the Orange and Clove and I was waiting for it to come back this year, but instead they launched an Apple Cider scent and I’m totally here for it. I LOVE the way this smells. My cats also prefer this to the Orange Clove (cats typically don’t like orange).

3. All the pumpkin snack and of course pumpkin spice creamer. I actually don’t like typically like sweetened creamer, but every now and then I’ll put a drizzle of it in with my plain creamer to give it a little flavor. My favorite creamers are usually the International Delight ones, but I’m honestly not that picky about the brand. I’m ALSO, obsessed with the Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins. They don’t taste like pumpkin, its just yummy brownies/cake with chocolate mousse and covered in chocolate in the shape of a pumpkin (found in the bakery section). These are SOOO yummy. I also really love their cereal bars and they have a pumpkin one for the season that’s pretty dang yummy.

Bonus: My absolute favorite fall item for the office

Glass pumpkin.JPG

I know this is random, but this glass candy jar sat on my desk in my cubicle every year starting from Sept 1st to Nov 30th and I always kept it filled with candies. I loved having this out because even if I was working while people took a mini-break in my cube and enjoyed a piece of candy, it was nice to converse with people while working (yes I could multi-task) instead of sitting in silence and just staring at spreadsheets all day long. I love that it’s super cute and simple and just allowed me to meet so many more people in the office than I would have normally.

Sorry, my posts aren’t as frequent as I would like, but it’s been hard to get the energy to type up posts even though I have SOO many posts I need to get out. Hopefully, I can get more stuff done soon. I have so much new makeup to swatch and review.

One thought on “Bringing Fall Into Your Home

  1. Great post as always!! Those candle scents sound amazing and the pumpkin jar is way to cute!! I’m sure everyone t was rather you get rest before little one comes!!

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