Cleaning Out my Makeup Stash

First, let me say that I have a LOT of makeup. Having gone to makeup school, I still have my beauty makeup kit from school, and my SFX (special effects) kit (I also have a hair kit too). Not to mention all the makeup I’ve collected and bought for myself before and after school.

When we first found out we were expecting a child, I was not only excited but suddenly panicked that I don’t have space for a baby. All the extra space we had has been taken over by cat stuff because we finally are living somewhere that we can have cats. I also started thinking about the house we were building and how I wouldn’t really be able to have an office space in the house with the baby, so sacrifices need to be made (I will eventually have an office workspace again when we build our “barn” but that’s not for a few years). All of this has pushed me to start seriously purging stuff that I was just holding onto for no reason. First I started with my makeup.

Things I tossed from my makeup:

  • ALL the old dried up mascaras, eyeliners and foundations that have turned.
  • ALL my matte foundations, because my face is dry so why did I even bother with a matte foundation?
  • My Too Faced Palettes (I really only had like 2) minus the Holiday ones. This was purely because I DON’T reach for them. EVER.
  • All of my Coastal Scents and Morphe eyeshadow palettes. Same reason as above and honestly, the quality just isn’t great to me.
  • My ColourPop stuff (except the Lippie Stix). Honestly, their eyeshadows don’t show up on me and the liquid lipstick is just TOO DRY. Their eyeliners & lipliners work fine, but I don’t reach for them ever.
  • My Jeffree Star products (there weren’t that many), because the products are okay not my favorite, but ALSO I can’t support a bully anymore.
  • Gerard Cosmetics products – I actually stopped buying from them after I found out about the whole video of Jennifer Gerard and Manny Mua, but decide to keep the products anyway and just not endorse them anymore, but into the trash they went.
  • I also got rid of most of my drugstore lipsticks, mostly because I don’t use them and I have sooo many lipsticks.
  • Last but not least ALL my KVD Beauty. Now this might be controversial and I want to make it clear that I DO NOT JUDGE anyone who still supports her, but I just can’t. It’s not even because she doesn’t want to vaccinate her child, but it’s because she decided to tell the world. Why she doesn’t want to vaccinate her child, is between her, her husband and their pediatrician, but she decided to tell the world KNOWING she has followers who would blindly follow suit without doing the proper research and seeing if it is actually the right choice for their child. I 100% understand that there are MANY legitimate reasons to not vaccinate your child, but it’s extremely important to do your homework and research RELIABLE sources. If she and her husband had truly done their research like they claimed, they would know that their unvaccinated child’s health now depends on OTHER people vaccinating their children. Having a platform like she does, she announced it knowing she has followers that would blindly follow her example. Saying some of those diseases aren’t a problem anymore is only a thing in countries which vaccines are readily available and commonly used. There are a lot of places still where every year THOUSANDS (if not more) of children are still dying from these diseases because they are too poor to afford vaccines or they are not readily available to them. It can and WILL be a problem again if more and more people don’t vaccinate just because. Being famous, you have a responsibility to make sure that your voice and influence are used responsibly and I don’t believe she did, so, for now, I cannot responsibly support her anymore. If we’re going to be honest, I also didn’t have THAT much of her stuff anyway (mostly lipsticks), and I didn’t reach for them very often even if I did like the formula.

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