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Mommy Life: Surviving in a Small Space With a Newborn

So while I might not have a TINY space (we are in a two bedroom), but our cats take up a ridiculous amount of space for cats… They’ve basically taken over the entire second bedroom (which is supposed to be my office, but it’ the cat room now with some of my stuff stored in there). So we’re down to a bedroom (that’s not very big), and the living/dining room which also isn’t very big and a LOT of furniture because this home is temporary while our home is being built. Needless to say I just simply don’t have space for things, and babies come with a surprisingly large amount of things. Honestly, I need to go through and just start donating/throwing stuff away because I’m tired of the clutter but who has the time right now?. Anyway, here’s a few things that have made my life easier dealing with a small space:


This is KEY. I bought this cart at Home Goods for like $60 (maybe less) and I LOVE it. Most people have a diaper caddy and like a changing table, but I didn’t even have space for a crib (he’s in the Chicco Lullago Bassinet), let alone a changing table. I love it because I can drag it out to the living room if I need, or pull it bedside to pump when I need to. It’s so much easier than having to grab everything and situate yourself. Also, we just use a portable changing pad instead of an actual stationary one, because it tucks nicely into the cart next to the diapers and I can just change him on the bed/couch/table.

Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

Man, I love this thing. He doesn’t use it too often, but he does get REALLY bad trapped gas and when he can’t quite work it out himself, I like to use the vibrate on this guy to help “shake” things loose. It’s also great for when I don’t have the time to hold him upright after a feeding because it keeps him decently inclined. The best part is it folds pretty small and it’s super light so I can drag it around while carrying him from room to room and I throw it in the closet when we’re not using it. We debated on getting a swing/bouncer, but we just don’t have space for one to sit out all the time, and it’s not easy to move from room to room, so this was a good compromise.

The DockaTot

I really really really thought my husband was going to be mad that I spent so much money on a baby lounger. He 100% agrees it’s worth every penny. Our little guy loves it, and it’s nice to have somewhere to set him down in every room to keep him close to us. Plus, our guys requires tummy time and side lying time to help him digest (advice from our NICU nurses), and the DockaTot gives us a place for him to do both of those (always supervised tummy & side time). Also, I recommend getting a second cover. I had a mini panic attack when he peed out of his diaper onto the DockaTot and I had to wash the cover and didn’t know where to set him (until I remembered the Rock ‘n Play). We also bought the toy arch so we wouldn’t have to buy a separate activity mat, and we only put it up when it’s play time. I don’t love the “toys” DockaTot offers, but I managed to find some stroller/car seat toys that were short enough to use instead. I ended up storing thing under the Lullago because it fits perfectly underneath the bassinet.

Honestly, just these 3 things have made my life soo much easier in a tight space. Not going to lie, though, I can’t wait until baby boy has his own room (so we can store his stuff there instead of mommy’s closet 😂). I’ll be doing another post of my favorite products so far.

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