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Happy New Year

Sorry, I’ve been MIA, but welcome back! This New Year has started off to a super rocky start. I got the flu New Year’s Eve, and am getting over it now, but not before giving it to hubs and a cold to baby :(. Anyway, I’m on the mend and my parents are here due to an SOS I sent New Year’s Day. So they’re going to help with the baby so I can focus on pumping more since my supply has dropped SOOO MUCH (from not sleeping, being sick and not eating enough). Also, because dad colds are just man colds x10. I don’t get it. When I was sick, I was trying to stay away from the baby as much as possible to not pass the cold on, but he wouldn’t nap without me holding him and well dad was so exhausted from not enough sleep I was desperately trying to keep him down so that dad could nap and not lose his marbles. Meanwhile, I was doing all the housework (and there was a lot to clean up since we didn’t have a chance before we left for Christmas) and still trying to pump as often as possible. Now that he’s sick, he’s too sick to do chores, so I was doing it all that WHILE taking care of the baby and pumping. Btw totally got the change & feed the baby while pumping thing down, and I have a plug-in pump btw. I’m gonna go ahead and call that talent LOL. Also, He’s not understanding why he needs to not play with the baby while he’s sick. Too sick to help with the baby, but doesn’t mind getting germs all over him to play -____-; #manlogic . Oh well, now that my parents are here I don’t have to lose my marbles trying to handle everything myself. Bravo to the women who have to do that for more than a day, because let me tell you, I was going a little nuts. Thank goodness baby only has a mild cold as of right now and has been eating and sleeping lots so hopefully it doesn’t get any worse.


Anyway, besides the rough start. I’m REALLY excited for this year. Things to look forward to:

  • HOPEFULLY ::knock on wood:: our home will be finished by the end of the year.
  • My family will be going to Southern France and I’m sooo excited to take Little on his first international trip. Need to get his passport and stuff figured out ASAP.
  • Planning another driveable trip for a long weekend. Haven’t decided if we want to do Sedona, or maybe Monterey. I would like to do Sedona since I’ve never been, BUT I think Monterey might be more fun for Little. We’ll see.
  • I am FULLY planning on a day trip to Santa’s Village because this year Little actually be able to appreciate Christmas a little better.
  • FINDING A CHURCH. Hubs and I meant to find one when we first moved down because it’s super important to me that he’s raised in a church. He will be able to make his own decisions as he gets older if he wants to continue with this religion, another religion, or none at all with no judgments, but I grew up going to church and honestly, I loved the feeling of community and friendships that I built (my childhood church disbanded when I was in college and I couldn’t find one that was a good fit in my previous area). So if any of you are in the Temecula / Murrieta area and have good recommendations let me know!!
  • Starting my garden and orchard. As soon as our land has been graded and all the electrical, septic, and water lines have been put in, I’m starting a garden and planting my orchard. Like why wait for the house to get that started? It’s also hubs and my 4th anniversary this March (fruit and flowers), so he’s getting an apple tree. I don’t like apples but he wants one (even though he’ll probably be too lazy to pick them anyway and go get them from the store still ::shaking head::). I, on the other hand, will be planting, avocados, tangerines, figs, plums, pears, loquats, and (if I can get them to grow here) a mountain apple tree (the only type of apple I will eat).

So far that’s my list, but I’m sure there are lots more. I didn’t include all the fun new things little will be learning and doing throughout the year, because I don’t know how long it’ll take him to learn everything, but one thing’s for sure this kid is gonna talk soon. Like REAL soon. He’s basically already saying “Hi” not always on cue, but in the morning he says it a lot, and he’s gotten really close to “mama” a few times now. He’s gonna be a talker just like his mama. I was talking well before one and in full sentences (my mom says almost like an adult) by the time I was 2. I apparently had lots of things to say. LOL still do.

Anyway, before I babble some more, what are things you all have to look forward to this year?

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New year!!! I think everyone’s gotten the flu to kick off the New Year. I’m finally getting over mine as well! Ugh. That’s so thoughtful of your parents to help out…gotta love parents. Look up smoothie recipes to boost your milk supply. There’s also Mommy cookies to help as well. Little man’s first trip is going to be awesome. Trips with newborns are awesome because you literally get the best pics of them!! He’s so cute and so chic with his modern sleeper. Soooo cute Haha. We are also planning on making a little garden as my little girl will be 4 this year and her love for gardens is growing quickly Haha.

    1. Yea, I need to start doing the smoothies, so far I’m drinking tea, tried the cookies but I don’t like the store bought ones and I dont have a working oven, and I’m eating bars that help a little. I think I’m just soo exhausted that my body is like you want me to MAKE things? LOL.
      OMG starting a garden with your daughter is going to be so much fun! I cant’ wait for my little guy to be big enough to want to help in the garden, although if he’s like any of his cousins, he’ll just rip and destroy everything haha. Are you guys planning on doing a veggie garden or a flower garden?

      1. Lol sooo true! Sleep is key. I can’t wait! We’ve planted a couple mango trees and we’re patiently waiting for mangos! We also planted a pineapple and green onions which the green onions sprouted so quick! I really want a full veggie garden. Omg that’s hilarious! My son is 1 and he’s definitely the opposite of my daughter. She takes care of things and he destroys them haha.

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