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Favorite Avocado Dishes

As avocado season (for our trees) come to an end, I thought it would be fun to show my favorite ways to enjoy my avocados. I typically only make things with avocados when they’re in season because I don’t like buying avocados from the market, so the past few months have been avocado overload.

Of course Avocado Toast is on the top of the list. So easy to make and just delicious.
Toast, Avocados, and Trader Joes’ Everything but Bagel Seasoning
Avocado & Bacon Grilled Cheese
Sometimes I add an egg to this to make it more of a breakfast sandwich

Chicken Lime Soup (or any Hispanic/Spanish Soups)


I also will add avocados to the Chicken Enchilada Soup


There’s honestly so many other ways I like to use avocados, but these are definitely a go to. I would make guacamole, but I haven’t found a recipe I like, so if you have a good recipe let me know!

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