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My Favorite Green Smoothie That’s Great During Pregnancy

So still on the topic of food – this homemade smoothie is my absolute favorite and my OB said it’s actually really good for me during pregnancy to promote a healthy fetus (maybe this is why Little Man didn’t need as much time in the NICU). Always double check with your own doc to make sure it’s safe for you during your pregnancy, but since I struggled with a LOT of “morning” sickness I needed to pack in as many vitamins as possible to keep my health up, so I made this smoothie EVERY day. (I also ate 2 eggs every day to help fill in nutritional gaps).

Ingredients and their benefits:

A heaping handful of Spinach – Folic Acid, improves mood, calcium, vitamin E, boosts immunity, helps provide pain relief, regulates/lowers blood pressure.
1 Pear – Helps with prenatal constipation, helps your body fight infections, flushes toxins, minimizes swelling, is a natural antidepressant amongst so much more.
1 Banana – Helps with nausea, reduces edema, good source of iron, good source of folate, provides energy boost, helps develop baby’s nervous system and so many more things.
4 or 5 chunks of frozen mango (about 1/2 cup) – Good source of iron, high in folic acid, vitamin A for bone & teeth development, vitamin B6 for brain and nervous system development, magnesium to prevent preeclampsia, and more. Just be careful because mangoes are high in sugar so if you’re at risk for gestational diabetes you should reduce the amount you consume.
1 cup of V8 Fusion Peach Mango – For an extra serving of fruits and veggies

I use the Nutribullet and it has worked well for me so far.

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