Friday Fives

Friday Five – Favorites

Friday Five is coming back, but I’m going to be rotating between Favorites, Flops, Frequently Used to change it up a bit. This week I’m doing my favorite things this week. I will say I have been feeling super off all week so nothing super exciting on here cuz I’ve been low profile all week.

First up is Bubs and I have been growing tomatoes from seeds and our plants are THRIVING. It’s brought us so much joy to take care of them as seeing them grow so quickly. These are the seeds we bought.

Second, this Logan and Lenora bag is great. I have other shoulder slings and this one is just SOOO much roomier than others, and I actually can get away with using it as a diaper bag for a toddler. It’s also washable so it makes it so much easier to clean.

Third, these scrunchies are just LIFE. I love scrunchies but they are not made equal. These hold up but don’t hurt my head and they’re just a super cute chiffon material.

Fourth, WATERDROPS. I LOVED using Liquid IV but I discovered that when I pour the powder into the cup, it would get in my sinuses and if I made them too much I would get sinus infections (I am pretty allergic to dust particles sooo that’s mostly a me problem). Waterdrops have solved my issue by using tablets instead of powder. The flavors took me a few drinks to get used to but I actually really like them now. Plus it’s so much smaller to pack into a bag and less likely to accidentally break in my bag and get everywhere.

Fifth, the Popflex booty bands are life. I don’t use them as booty bands since I mostly do rebounding for cardio, BUT I used them for arm exercises and I FEEL the burn. I like it cuz then I don’t have to store weights, I can use them while just sitting and relaxing on the couch, they have a high resistance on other bands I’ve bought in the past, AND they don’t have the weird rubber smell or pull weirdly on my skin/hairs.

**Edit – This was a pre-written and scheduled post prior to everything that is happening in Ukraine. Please know my heart is heavy with current events and my heart and prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine. I am currently trying to find good and legitimate ways to help the people of Ukraine but would like to double-check and make sure they are legitimate before posting. I will make another post once I find a handful of ways to help. Please also be kind to Russian citizens, MOST of them are against this war and have 0 say about what their leader’s actions are. Do not blindly spread hate over the actions of their dictators.

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