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I’m not even going to lie, my skin is currently WRECKED because I got lazy when I was dealing with my anxiety and was not as diligent with my skincare as I should be. I feel like I’ve been like this since kiddo was born, but it got worse when we were all sharing one tiny bathroom for over a year. Now that I’m back to having my own bathroom again I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of being good to my skin (vs a quick wash or just wiping my face down). These products are so helpful in getting my skin back to healthy.

I have been soo obsessed with the Ole Henriksen products lately. This cleanser feels SOOO good on my face and doesn’t irritate it at all. Now this toner, I only use at night (not sure if you can use it morning and night, but it dries out my skin a little too much if I do it twice a day) and it’s been working great for all the dark spots I’ve gotten from all the acne. This mask is great for getting acne under control. I tend to use it when I’m breaking out hormonally cuz I get SUPER oily when I’m PMSing. Just as a fair warning this mask has a very serious cooling sensation, which is a little odd but also refreshing. I also use their Invigorating Night Transformation™ Gel but I can’t seem to find it sold outside of this set (hoping it comes back for individual sale)

The one thing I haven’t found that I love about Ole Henriksen is their moisturizers, so I’ve been using this Laneige moisturizer and it’s working fine, but I’m not sure if I LOVE it persay. I tend to really like SUPER thick creamy moisturizers and this one is pretty lightweight so it’s definitely great during the day (especially under makeup) but it’s not my favorite at night. If anyone has a good recommendation for a nighttime cream please let me know.

Towel headbands are kinda my favorite things ever right now. Not only does it prevent water from getting in my hairline when I wash my face, but it keeps it dry when I use the facial steamer too. These are the ones I have and they are SOOO soft and I like that it’s a little more simple, but these are also really cute.

These microfiber face towels are EXACTLY like the Makeup Eraser so they work really great to remove makeup as well as toweling off my cleanser. They are much more affordable and I love that it comes in a pack so that I can use one a day and have enough to make it between laundry loads. I also think it’s a good size for the face and still small enough to make it convenient to store in a small bathroom. I also use reusable bamboo cotton rounds for my toner in an effort to be more eco-friendly. I can’t find the exact brand I use, BUT these are basically the same.

Also, if you don’t have one yet, I highly reccomend getting a facial steamer. I do have the Vanity Planet Aria one, because it is one of the few that you can use essential oils with, but I don’t love it. The steam quality is GREAT but the machine I had issues with my first water tank (after less than a year and only a few uses) so they did replace the entire thing for free, but I don’t love the disc you put the oils on. If I find one where you can add it to the water tank instead, I will update.

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