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Palm Springs – Packing for Toddler

Bubs and I are SOOO excited to be getting away, even if it’s only for 2 nights. We haven’t done a mini-vacation since last Spring and I KNOW he’s excited for some pool time. We tried to book somewhere in San Diego/Carlsbad so we could do Legoland and the zoo, but no one had any timeshare availability and with a bunch of timeshare weeks that needed to be used up it seemed fiscally irresponsible to pay extra to stay. Managed to snag a few nights in Palm Springs instead and will MOST LIKELY be poolside the whole time, but MIGHT also go to the Living Desert and Zoo too, so the items listed are more pool-related.

Kiddo is obsessed with straw fedoras and has a bunch, but these are the two we are packing
1. Beige Fedora
2. Rainbow Fedora

These Cat & Jack sandals are my ABSOLUTE favorite for Kiddo (especially when we’re around water). They’re easy for him to put on by himself, waterproof, slip-resistant, and comfy. They are literally the ONLY sandals he doesn’t complain about wearing.

This t-shirt pack from Target is great. It’s cute but still fashionable. Kiddo loves how SOFT the fabric is and I will say that I appreciate the Cat & Jack line at Target for NOT having tags on their tees, cuz my kid HATES tags with a passion.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, these two swim shorts are from last year and do not exist anymore, and yes all his swim clothes are character clothes because he loves them and personally I prefer the bright easy to spot clothes (ESPECIALLY when water is involved). Here are a few similar swim options – Red White & Blue Mickey Shorts, Mickey Swim Trunks With Rash Guard, kinda obsessed with this other Mickey set, Monstera Print Shorts, and I don’t know why but this iguana set is sooo cute to me.

Last but not least a life jacket/puddle jumper. I got this one because Kiddo likes Paw Patrol and hopefully, it will convince him to wear it, cuz it did NOT go well last year. While I think it’s most important to make sure kids know how to swim, in the event they don’t, I personally prefer putting them in a Coast Guard-approved life jacket/puddle jumper (bright colors if your child is more independent around water so they can be spotted easily and quickly from afar). My child isn’t the bravest, so I don’t really have to worry about him running into the water by himself and he’s pretty good about waiting for me to do anything, but I would like to be able to get into a pool without having to carry him the whole time (he will probably still insist on grabbing onto my arm or holding my hands which is fine). Just please remember that when kids get used to life preservers/floatation devices, they often forget when they DON’T have them on and will run and jump into the water without them. So, always keep a close eye on littles by the pool and if you can get them into a safe swim course.

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