Life Update

I feel myself getting a little lazy with blogging again cuz well we’ve been busy, but Bubba caught himself a little cold cuz it was freezing at our first swim class 😦 so we’ll be laying low for a bit.

We’ve been trying to get out to the park near us at least 3 days a week to get our weekly dose of Vit D (we also play in the backyard or he hangs out in the front yard while I clean the car, stroller, what-not). On top of that, we started “swim” classes. I use the word swim loosely because it’s basically a class for him to get used to the water and eventually learn how to float and roll onto his back in case he ever falls in. I thought about doing ISR but ultimately decided it would more likely traumatize him than if we took it slowly and did it at his comfort level. He’s not a very adventurous kid and every time he’s been forced to do something before he’s ready, he’ll regress even more for MONTHS (this includes going on the slide, swings, potty training, etc). So unless we absolutely have to, I’ve decided we’d do exposure but on his terms. We’ve been trying to go to Disneyland every 2 weeks, but parking is so expensive and it’s been pretty crowded.

At the end of this week, we are headed to Carlsbad and Legoland so that will be fun and then we’ll be in Palm Desert for a few days beginning of April. Hopefully, Bubs cold is better by soon or we may have to reschedule Legoland, but it’s pretty mild right now, just snotty, but will be starting him on the Genexa kids Cold Crush to help him dry up that runny nose and making sure he gets his elderberry drops in to boost his immune system.

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