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Monthly Regrettable Purchases

I don’t often regret buying things, but I was so disappointed with these products that I had to return every single one of these.

  1. Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm – After every beauty blogger raved about this products being a great inexpensive primer (and Jaclyn Hill saying it was fine for her sensitive skin), I decided to try it out. I first did a patch test on my neck for a day because I’m allergic to everything. I had no reaction, so I used it under my makeup the next day. not only did I break out, but I also got horrible hives from it (not sure why my neck didn’t react). If your skin ISN’T super sensitive, I would tell you to go ahead and give it a try. It’s inexpensive and everyone else seems to love it, but if you have sensitive skin, I would skip this.
  2. L’oreal Lumi Cushion – Not only was I underwhelmed by their lack of colors (I had to mix two to get the right color (which puts them at the same price range as a department store foundation), but the finish just wasn’t great. I have SUPER dry skin, and it not only felt super oily, but looked oily instead of dewy. Maybe it was the primer I used underneath, but I also couldn’t build the foundation enough to get the coverage I wanted. It’s pretty much only useful if you have super clear skin or if you like using a lot of concealer.
  3. Nest Amazon Lily – When I first tested this inside of Sephora, I LOVED it. I mean like over the moon was in love with this scent. I even tried it on my skin and loved it. I loved it so much I spent $68 on it. As I continued my shopping in the mall I started to smell a weird Pine-Sol scent that made me a little nauseated, and thought that maybe they were just cleaning the floors. After awhile I realized it was the perfume. The top notes had faded and the way the bottom notes were reacting to my skin, it super enhanced the lemon scent. I had to return it same day. I was so sad because I really loved it. Lesson learned – always test your fragrance for a whole day before purchasing!


I didn’t purchase these this month, but I feel like it should be mentioned. I’m sure you’ve seen these Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips all over IG. The video of someone putting it on then swiping across their lips and they don’t transfer or budge. I saw these and was SUPER excited to try them so I bought a few. I figured the best test is to wear it to Disneyland. All day wear and eating snacks, seemed like a good idea. Well I put this on around initial impression that is was pretty drying and uncomfortable, BUT I assumed that from a long wear liquid lip. I finished getting ready and went drove to Disneyland (about 45mins to an hr later). I went to sip my coffee (which I hadn’t touched yet because it was hot and I don’t like drinking hot drinks while driving on the freeway), and I immediately noticed the red lip mark on my cup. I assumed oh well it’s probably because it’s liquid and I re-wet the lip product. Finished my coffee, went into the park and met up with my friend. About an hr into my trip I felt like there was either a crumb or something on my lip so I went to swipe it away and I noticed that there was a red stain on my finger. Panicking I went to the bathroom to see it had smeared onto my face. I tried to clean up the smear, but it stained my face so it took some scrubbing to get it off. The rest of the day I was more careful. I did noticed it wore off a bit in the center of my lip (like every other liquid lip) when I ate but the staining help make it less noticeable. By the end of the day my lips were so dry I couldn’t wait to get it off. The next day I swatched the other colors on my arm and waited 10 mins and ran my fingers across and they all smeared and transferred. Overall it’s no worse than the original ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks (although I’ve never really had the CP one’s smear on me), BUT the difference is these are $20 each and it is advertised as transfer proof. It may have just been my lips it didn’t work well with (or a lotion I had on my arm), it could have even been that I received a defective batch, but the fact that they have a no exchange or return policy made me upset. I feel like if you really stand by your products you would allow returns or at very least store credit for unsatisfied customers. *I know the repackaged these recently, but am not sure if the formula has changed since.

What products have you tried and been disappointed by? I want to know because I feel disappointed every time I try a product and ONLY hear good reviews and it just falls flat. I feel like if I know the good with the bad at least I know what I’m getting myself into.

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