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Why Hello Again!

Hi All! I’m back in Palm Springs again with family this time for my Grandma’s birthday. Which means I HAVE TIME TO BLOG!!! YAY! I’m pretty excited to share some new (to me) beauty stuff, but wanted to throw up a quick post first about my newest gadget:


I finally hot a hold if this Morphe brush case. I’ve been wanting it since  saw it first on Jaclyn Hill’s snapchat, but it was always sold out online. I finally sucked it up and went to the store. I really hate going to the store because it’s always crowded and it’s not always an enjoyable experience. Some of the people there are SUPER nice and helpful, but others are really stuck up and rude and it’s just a toss-up of who you might get.

Anyway, back to the actual case – I love how much fits into this thing. My only complaints are that I wish it wasn’t snake / croc print and it’s a little difficult to open. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t just open easily for travel, but difficult when you actually want your brushes. I just think it might benefit from a  little lever or a grip hole or something. Anyone else have this case and have this problem? Let me know!

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