Paw Palettes & the Pros of Using a Palette


If you’re on my IG, you know that I recently got these in the mail. These little buggers are baby Paw Palettes. You wear these like rings, so you don’t have to hold your palette or constantly keep picking up and setting it down.  Here’s a pic of them next to the standard size Paw Palette:


These have an adjustable elastic band to wear around your hand or wrist.

I first saw these at Naimies, and I keep collecting more… I use my larger sized coffin palette EVERY day to apply foundation and setting powder, but I’ve been wanting a smaller one for when I have to travel with VERY limited space. (Like every inch of space counts).

Why use a palette – I like using a palette because I personally don’t like putting foundation onto my hand and then onto my face. Mostly because I do use my makeup when I’m doing pro jobs, so it’s to keep my foundations, powders, any liquid and cream products extra sanitary. Pressed powders  & brushes you can sanitize by using 99% isopropyl alcohol, but cream and liquid & loose powders cannot. However, even if you’re NOT a makeup artist, using a palette is better because less germs get into your makeup and therefore they stay “good” longer.

Anyway, you could use a glass coaster as a palette, but if you’re short on counter space, the Paw Palette is great because you literally strap it to yourself, and you can still use both hands. Plus, they are really freaking cute and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. (Just a tip, always sanitize your palette after every use with alcohol or it’s you’re going to get a build up of bacteria on your face). If you want to learn more about Paw Palettes or see different styles, visit their Esty shop here. They are also available at the Morphe store (online and in store), and Naimies.

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