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Urban Decay New Hot Springs Gel & Meltdown Cleansing Oil Stick


I was STOKED when UD created more products around the Meltdown line because the original is my ABSOLUTE favorite makeup remover in the whole world. I still have like 5 bottles of it, though, because I had it on auto refill, but I was testing out other cleansers at the same time for the heck of it so I didn’t get the spray. I will say I tried it out in store and my hand was COVERED in liquid lip swatches (from Sephora) and one tiny spritz took ALL of it off with no staining… When I’ve gone through more of my current stash, I will definitely be purchasing it.

The cleansing stick I was curious about because it’s also kinda of like a face wash. It’s a balm, but ask you apply it to the face it melts down and liquefies, but then when you add water it foams a little for a really deep clean. It’s freaking AWESOME. It’s what I used to remove all of my festival makeup looks. I still use my normal face wash with my Lavo brush, but I notice there’s less makeup gunk that comes off onto the brush when I used the cleansing stick first (vs other makeup removers). I like that it has turmeric root to help with inflammation too. I think my favorite part of this is that it’s solid so traveling with this is going to be much easier than trying to bring enough cleansing oil and wipes. BTW takes HOL lash glue right off. Just be careful about getting it into your eye… I haven’t had any issues with irritation around or in the eye, but still best to be cautious.

Hot Springs Gel

I also got this Hot Springs Hydrating Gel to replace my Tarte Drink of H2O. As much as I LOVE the Tarte moisturizer, I started to notice that it would make my skin tingle a little when I put it on for a few minutes. Then I read an article (can’t remember where) that says if your skincare products make your face burn/tingle for more than a minute, it means it’s too harsh for your skin. So I figured I should switch it out (plus I HATE how bulky the packaging is on it). I’ve been using this during the day every day for a week, and I haven’t had any irritation. My face feels as hydrated as it did with the Drink of H20. I love that there is MORE product in a smaller packaging (for traveling), AND it’s $11 cheaper. The only difference is this leaves your face feeling smooth while the Tarte one leaves it feeling slightly tacky so it holds makeup better. However, I always use a primer first anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference in makeup application for me. I’ll update you if my feelings about this changes, but for now I’m really glad I made the switch.

I bought all of my products directly from the UD stores, but they are also available on their website, at Sephora, & Ulta.

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