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Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake & Kenting

So after Taipei & Yilan early the next morning, we had to run to the train station to catch the train to [I want to say] Taichung and then a driver picked us up and brought us to Sun Moon Lake. It was so pretty.

We took a boat ride around the lake. Stopped to get some famous tea eggs (I love eggs so this is always a win), and went to their Old Street to get some Assam black tea (their specialty) and Assam black tea egg roll cookies. (No they taste nothing like egg rolls, they just are egg based and shaped into rolls).

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We checked into the LaLu. Hands down the NICEST hotel I’ve ever stayed in. This was our room:

I may or may not have attempted to stay there for forever…

I wish we had time to stay and enjoy the hotel a little more, but we only had time, go take a VERY quick dip in the pool, do a tea tasting, dinner, and breakfast very early the next morning before we were on the road again.

Getting ready to leave again. (My brother is going to kill me for posting this)
Waiting for our ride

Back on the train we went and headed towards Kenting. The train dropped us off in Pingtung and we had to take a car to Kenting. (Yes, there was a LOT of train and car rides involved in this trip).

We stopped at the aquarium on the way to the hotel, because I love aquariums and if there’s one nearby, I will go.

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After this, we just went to the hotel and hung out for a bit, ate food, and passed out really early. The next morning, we took a car to the southern most tip of Taiwan (also a national park). I have 0 pictures of this part of the trip because I was running and screaming my head off trying to get away from giant beetles flying at us. My mom, on the other hand, has a video of me, my brothers, and their fiances running around screaming… you can’t see the bugs in the videos so we just look like crazy possessed people. We are not the brave ones. After that, we all went back to the hotel to shower (it was 90°F and we were running for quite awhile) and packed real quick to get to the train again.

Next up on the Taiwan series: Hualian & Taroko National Park.

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