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Taiwan – Hualien & Taroko Gorge

After a pretty long train ride from Kenting (remember Taiwan is a TINY place so long is relative), we arrive in Hualien at the Farglory Hotel. This hotel is attached to Farglory Ocean Park (a marine life interactive park), but we, unfortunately, did not have time to check that out. By the time we got to the hotel, it was already dinner time so we threw our bags in the rooms and headed to dinner. My poor husband was SOOO excited because they restaurant had all these Italian decorations so we thought it was Italian for dinner, but no such luck. It was still mostly Asian style foods and a LOT of seafood (which he doesn’t eat). I basically passed out right after dinner, so my husband and I woke up before sunrise.

This is the view from our balcony during sunrise.

Since we woke up SUPER early, we decided to take a walk around the hotel and take pictures as well as do some Pokemon hunting (yes, we still play). The hotel property is GORGEOUS:

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We actually took two walks around the hotel (first before breakfast and second after with my parents, older brother & his fiance). Then we packed up, got on a tour bus and headed to Taroko National Park to see the gorge:

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The gorge is so beautiful and it’s definitely a place you should go see, but between my fear of heights and arachnophobia, I struggled a bit on this trip. This was a pretty long day. It took us a good couple hours to hike around the gorge. If you noticed in the pictures, everyone has a hard hat on, because there’s a risk of rocks and stuff falling down. We didn’t see any of that, but just in case.

After that, the tour bus dropped us back off at the train station and we head back to Taipei for the evening.

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