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Friday Five – Favorites

I little different, but I’ve been dreaming of traveling so here are my five favorite places I’ve ever traveled to.

  1. My absolute favorite place I have ever stayed was at the Lalu hotel in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. While it was a trek to get there, the resort is GORGEOUS, the food was fanstastic and the Island was great for exploring, eating Taiwanese street food (the best), and shopping for trinkets and gifts. I did a full post on this here. Honestly, I love all of Taiwan, but this was my favorite location in the dozens of times I’ve been to the country.
  2. Cancun, Mexico is ALWAYS a good time. We have timeshares with the Palace Resorts, and of all their resorts, Moon Palace is definitely the largest with the most activities and amenities. However, we stayed at Sun Palace for our honeymoon because it’s an adult only resort. I love children, and do not mind them on vacation at all, but my years working summer camp has made me completely unable to relax near bodies of water and children because I’m always glancing around making sure they’re staying safe which isn’t relaxing at all. I personally think the view at Sun Palace was soooo much prettier (the photo I took of my doing my makeup on the balcony) and we were right on the beach and actually had the oportunity to release some baby sea turtles back into the ocean so that was AMAZING. There are also a bunch of tours you can take through the resorts, dinning experiences, water excursions, and even just exploring the city was fun.
  3. Paso Robles/Monterey, California is easily my favorite drive to destination. Paso cuz wine (this winery is Tooth & Nail and sooo pretty), and Monterey has so many good restuarants, cannery row is fun to walk but the Monterey Bay Aquarium is my favorite. Stay a few night here and a few nights there and it’s a great mini trip. I will say we didn’t stay in any particularly amazing hotels, cuz we just stay where ever we could find.
  4. & 5 are both going to be in Australia. I did a summer abroad program in Australia and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and my first non-school/no parent trip which was a interesting and a learning experience for sure. One of my favorite places there was definitely Sydney. Like I wish we had spent a little more time in the city. We did the Harbour boat tour, walked the bridge (I’m terrified of heights, but I would do this again in a heartbeat), and visited the opera house. I wish I had gotten to actually see a performance there, but visiting it was still amazing. I regret not buying all the inexpensive opals before they became trendy and the prices skyrocketed. The other place I LOVED there was Couran Cove. I could not tell you the resort name to save my life, but it was BEAUTIFUL. There was a LOT of nature and paths you could explore arounake around the resort. They “rooms” were essentially little bungalows with like 3-4 rooms and a kitchen with boardwalks all around. The water was beautiful (though I don’t remember swimming it in not sure why….) and you could rent little bikes to get around. It defintely had small tropical island vibes and I was into it. I definitely want to go back to Australia one day. It’s one of my goals, but there are also many other places I also want to visit in my life that I’ve never been to or have little to no memory of it (ie all of Europe).

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