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Makeup for Hot Humid Weather

I live in So Cal, it’s RARELY humid here (it did happen last summer, but that was odd). We usually have a dry heat, or it’s “cold”. Yes, I know So Cal cold is not really cold to the rest of the world, but we’re not used to it and our houses are not equipped for cooler weathers. Taiwan (as is the rest of South East Asia) is extremely hot and humid. On average, the weather there was between 85°F and 95°F and at least at 80% humidity. I knew that I was going to need to change up my makeup routine while I was there. So this post is going to be about what I used to keep this look lasting fresh all day:


Hot Weather Makeup


First, I would prime my skin with the Urban Decay De-Slick Primer. You have to work this into your skin with your fingers. The texture and formula won’t work with a brush. Next, I would either use the Nars All Day Luminous foundation or the Naked Skin One and Done (depending on how bright it was outside). They both stayed on really well during the day, but the UD one has SPF so I used it when I needed a little sun protection. The Nars one has a more matte finish, so I used that most of the time. Then I used the Benefit Kabrow to fill in my brows. I LOVE this formula for a gel type brow formula. It’s much easier to work with than the Anastasia Dipbrow. I do still typically prefer a brow pencil, but the gel formula holds better. Then I used the Urban Decay Concealer in Dark to contour my cheeks, nose & jawline. I decided not to set my face with any powder, because I wanted the blush and highlight to grab as much as possible to the foundation. You do have to go in lightly and build the color/highlight so that you don’t get a harsh line. I have no idea what blush this is, but I only packed a few of my MUD Cosmetics Blush Pans. The ONLY highlight I used this trip (and the only one I’ve used in a really long time) is the Dose of Colors Gold is the New Black. I can’t wait to try the new colors. It’s honestly my favorite formula ever. I used the House Of Lashes Mini Boudoir (& used the HOL lash glue to attach them). I think I still like the mini Iconics better, BUT I haven’t tried the light versions yet. Next, I sprayed my face with the UD De-Slick setting spray. (I used the Quick Fix when I was in areas with lots of AC and my face would dry out). Last I’d prime my lips with the Keihl’s lip balm and top it with a Dose of Colors Matte liquid lipstick (the shade I’m wearing is Coral Crush). I did have to touch up my lips after eating and such, but that was about it. Everything stayed put all day, even through hiking for a few hours in the heat, and the occasional warm drizzle (it even rained at some point, but I only had the One & Done, and brows on that day). Now if you already have oily skin, I would use all cream/liquid products and then set all of that with a powder & a setting spray. RMS makes some amazing cream products that have great for you ingredients.

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