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Maternity Friendly Non Maternity Clothes

So I was pretty adamant about buying as FEW maternity clothes as physically possible because it didn’t make sense to me to spend money on clothes that were only going to be useful for a little bit. I did buy some maternity tanks tops (they legitimately look like normal tank tops just really long), and maternity/nursing bras (because those will be useful after anyway)

The first thing that I had to get were more shorts because I had a few shorts with stretchy waistbands, but the majority of my shorts were jeans shorts and well those stopped fitting really fast (I bloated SOOOO much first tri). Here are some fun shorts I got at Target that helped keep me fashionable and cool during this super hot summer:Non Maternity Shorts

These are all from Target’s Women’s Fashion Shorts section.

Dresses are another great way to get around buying maternity clothes. Here are some fun non-maternity dresses that I’ve bought:

Maternity Friendly Dresses

  1. West Kei Guaze Maxi Dress – Less than $30 from Nordstrom Rack & it comes in a bunch of colors. This dress is sooo cute and I love it a lot, but it is tight in the bust area if you have big boobs. I’m a G cup pre-preg and these still fit its just a little tighter than I would like.
  2. Grecerelle Sleeveless Racerback Loose Plain Maxi – Also less than $30 (price depends on size and color, but it’s between $16.99 and $22.99), I found this dress on Amazon and it’s soo soft and comfy. It does smell a bit upon opening, but I just threw it in the wash and it went away.
  3. Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress – This one is a little more expensive at $56 from Nordstrom, but it’s comfy and the first non-maternity dress that I liked that wasn’t a maxi. I got this because of Daryl-Ann from Something Beautiful‘s recommendation. If you don’t follow her, you should check her blog & Instagram out. I LOVE her style and she’s also expecting a baby boy soon, so I’m hoping to get some really good baby boy clothing recommendations from her too.

As far as tops have been going, I just wear ANY tank top or t-shirt that I have that are loose/stretchy and longer. I have a bunch from Target, American Eagle, & some from Torrid that have been working for me, but I haven’t found any this season. Everything seems to be cropped this season and well that’s not useful right now.

Since I’ve only been getting bigger as the weather has gotten warmer, so I haven’t had to deal with pants or jackets yet, but I usually wear wrap sweaters or super oversized sweaters so they should still fit. Af far as long pants, I’ve been following Kate Hudson, and it looks like her Fabletics leggings still work during pregnancy (just bring the band under the belly) and I have a bunch of those too, so I’ll see how that goes and let you all know.

If you guys have ANY suggestions as to non-maternity, maternity friendly clothes styles, PLEASE let me know. ALSO, let me know if you have any cute nursing friendly shirts and dresses. I’m starting to be at the point that I need to start looking for those!

6 thoughts on “Maternity Friendly Non Maternity Clothes

  1. Great post! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found that leggings were sooooooooooooo comfy. With my son, I hated wearing anything that felt tight. I would literally wear nothing but dresses or a fitted top and high waisted maxi skirts

    1. Thanks! Yea I struggled soo much first trimester. I couldn’t wear pants to save my life. My nausea was so bad that anything that put pressure on my belly made me throw up. ☹️ It’s gotten so much better though, so I’m hoping that those Fabletic leggings will work (even though they are kinda tight) otherwise I’ll be living in dresses and baggy sweats 😂

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