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For the Love of Camo

With all these Fall posts coming up, I can’t bring myself to do a Fall post because it’s still a lovely 85-90 °F here in So Cal. Thinking about sweaters, jeans and boots sound awful. However, there is one more trend I LOVE wearing from Summer through Fall is camo. I have a very real obsession with camo. It’s probably because I really love olive-y tones. Camo is also really easy to style. It honestly goes with so much, it’s basically a neutral. Here are some of my favorite camo finds (some I have, some I want):

  1. These Alternative Eco – Fleece sweats/joggers are sooo comfortable and yes they are men’s sweats, but I’ve always preferred men’s sweats because I’ve got thick thighs and calves and I like them baggy, so men’s sweats fit better on me. These are pricier ($40.99), but they’re pretty well made and should last awhile.
  2. These Camo Jeggings from American Eagle are everything. I bought these recently (and obviously can’t fit into them right now), but the color is GREAT and American Eagle Jeans and Jeggings are typically really comfy, well made, and I love that they have a wide variety of sizes. These are typically $49.95, but are on sale for $37.49.
  3. These Target shorts have been my favorite this summer. It’s comfy, pregnancy friendly (seriously I’m 7months and they still fit), and only $22.99.
  1. This GREAT oversized sweater from Express is SOOOO cute. I don’t actually own this, but I’m obsessed with it and debating on getting it, but at $69.90 I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger yet and I have another [not oversized] camo sweater that is still in good condition (I bought it last year and I don’t remember where).
  2. This beige camo sweater from Gap is SOOOOO soft. I bought this last year on sale at Gap, and they still have it on their site (currently at $26.97). I will say it’s a little shorter than I’d like because of my chest, but it’s still cute with some high waisted jeans or leggings. They also have the matching bottoms (which I don’t have), AND a maternity sweater (with no hood) that I might have to get because it’s probably longer.

Of course, I have a few camo t-shirts (Torrid & Target) and tanks (American Eagle), but I couldn’t find any right now that I really liked. I’m also currently in the market for a good camo jacket, but I haven’t found one I like yet, so if you see one send me a link, please!!


Camo Baby Joggers

I bought these baby joggers from Gymboree because let’s be real, I’m determined to have matching outfits with my baby boy. These are normally $24.50 but are on sale for $12.25 right now. They’re nice and thick too, so if you’re in a colder area it’s really nice. I also found cheaper ones ($7) from Old Navy, but they are thinner. I will say if you’re buying for an older child who isn’t growing quite as fast and is already moving around, the Gymboree one is probably a better investment because it seems more durable, but if it’s just to dress up an infant, I would say go with the cheaper ones.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Camo

  1. Great post! Camo is always in style! To get me in the Fall spirit, I have to lower my AC because outside is in the 90s (I live in Florida) until January where it gets to maaaaybe 75 degrees lol. Love your style and omg how cute are those baby joggers! 😍😍😍

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