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2019 Mom Blog Challenge: Postpartum Pt 3 – Beauty & Style

I’m going to admit something – I’m a makeup artist, that’s usually too lazy to do my own makeup. I personally just don’t care that much. Now, that I have a baby, let’s be real, I don’t have an hour to do my makeup. I also, don’t really like the idea of my makeup and all it’s chemicals possibly transferring to my son. So needless to say, my makeup routine has gone bare minimum on days I’m actually going to see people. I’ve also, cut back my skincare because I also don’t have 45 mins to wash, mask, wash again, tone, spray, put on oils, and then moisturize. Well maybe I do have the time, but I’d rather get the extra sleep when I can. So here are my skin and makeup go to’s:

  1. Son & Park Beauty Water. I LOVE this as a toner because it’s a gentle exfoliant vs the acid exfoliants that are harsh on sensitive skin.
  2. Belief True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb. This is a nice ULTRA hydrating moisturizer (perfect for winter), that feels lightweight on the skin. if you’re looking for a more lightweight moisturizer, their Aqua Bomb is great too. I will say I think when this tub runs out I want to try the Youth to the People Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream because I’m obsessed with hyaluronic acid (a SUPER gentle acid) and it’s a clean product.
  3. Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser. I LOVE that this is a clean product. No weird chemicals, just pure clean ingredients. It works great too and doesn’t strip the natural oils on my face.
  4. Lavo Giro Face Brush. I love this face brush. It’s more gentle than the Clarasonic and exfoliates/ deep cleans better than the Foreo. I also really like the Koovon which I think is the exact same brush, but it comes with a travel case. I have both.
  5. NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. I use this to cover up spots, acne & even out discoloration. It’s matte but not SUPER matte and drying. It’s similar to skins texture so it makes it easy to spot conceal and blend.
  6. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. This is honestly the holy grail of undereye concealers, and I don’t know why it’s not talked about more. It’s moisturizing, but doesn’t crease and lasts for forever and I NEVER set my concealer with powder. I love this stuff.
  7. Benefit Precisely My Brow. I’ve been using this brow pencil for a while now, and I find myself reaching for it more than my Urban Decay Brow Beater (which was my previous holy grail). Can’t say if it’s better or I just have been wanting to switch things up, but I do like it and it gets the job done. I do want to try the new Urban Decay Brow pen, but I’m waiting for it to be available with a pro discount.

To be honest, my postpartum style isn’t too different from my pre-pregnancy style (or lack thereof). Still wear mostly leggings, swapped out jeans for more sweats, and instead of tees and tanks, I wear a lot of nursing tank tops and oversized button-down (either full button or henley) shirts for easy pumping.

Sorry, this is such a garbage OOTD, but it’s been a rough week with bubs and I wanted to get this up.

Let’s start with the tops:
1. My favorite nursing tops are from Amazon. These are SUPER comfy and the only ones I found that actually fit properly on my boobs. They also have a built in shelf bra which I like because then I don’t have to wear a bra to keep the nursing pads in. I did get one with the strap sewn on twisted in my first order, but it wasn’t difficult to fix and my second one wass perfect.

2. I’m OBSESSED with these waffle thermal button down tops. The cheapest ones I’ve found that I like are from JC Penny. I have both the blue and pink one, and they’re a great fit and weight to it. The other one that I’ve really been loving is the Urban Outfitters one, but it is significantly more expensive so I bought mine on sale (which they are on sale right now). I did buy some on Amazon but they sucked and I returned them, and I got some from American Eagle, but they’ve been discontinued. I’ll be sure to link the American Eagle one’s if they come back, but fair warning those are a little shorter than the others.

3. American Eagle flannel shirts and sweater henleys. I basically LOVE everything from American Eagle, but I hate that they discontinue styles so quickly.

1. My absolute favorite leggings are from Fabletics. They are SOOOO comfy and have good compression. My current favorite is the heathered ones. They have less compression but are sooo soft and warm. If you sign up for their VIP it’s a LOT cheaper, and you don’t HAVE to buy every month, you have 5 days from the beginning of the month to skip the month and your card won’t be charged. When I was pregnant I skipped like 5 months (cuz I wasn’t about to buy compression leggings while I was getting fat) and I wasn’t penalized for it. If you do sign up, do a girl a favor and use my referral link! You’ll get 2 leggings for $24. *This isn’t sponsored. Just anything to help me get some credit so I fuel my legging addiction* I also have some Z by Zella leggings from Nordstrom Rack, and I like them but they have like 0 compression, which is why I like the Fabletics ones better.

2. So my favorite sweatpants are from Costco. They’re the Puma men’s sweats. No idea what the style is called, but every time I see them I buy a pair. They are extra cozy.

I would start wearing jeans again, but honestly, I spend most of my time in uncomfortable positions trying to keep the Little Man happy, so the stretchier, the better. Comfy is key with me. Anyway, as the weather warms up and Little Man doesn’t need to be on me so much maybe I’ll develop a better sense of style, buuuttt probably not.

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