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Amazon Baby Finds

I think most of you know I love me some Amazon and being a Prime member it’s really fueled my Amazon addiction. Here’s some stuff I’ve found on Amazon for the baby that I really LOVE:

  • Joovy Boob Formula Dispenser – I personally like the shape of this better for storing in my purse/diaper bag
  • Smilo Bottles – These are the ONLY bottles that our little guy will use other than the Dr Brown’s, and I HATE washing & drying the Dr Brown bottles. We tried the Como Tomo, Philips Advent (these worked for a little bit), Boon, EvenFlo and he couldn’t really latch very well to any of these. Note the Smilo bottles on Amazon only come with the slowest flow nipple which is more for brand new babies, but you have the option to choose which nipple level you want on their website.
  • Charlie’s Soap Laundry Detergent – This stuff works amazing on all the baby stuff and paired with the pre-wash, I haven’t had any issues with staining. I love that there’s no harsh chemicals and is biodegradable.
  • This poof beanie is SOO freaking cute and nice and warm. The small is still a little too big for him right now but not ridiculously big. I also bought this in white, because it’s soo cute.
  • This bear beanie is also adorable and fits him a little better, still big, but not super big.
  • Dr Brown Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holder – I’ve tried so many pacifiers, but Little Man just won’t take to any of them. He takes to this one best because it has the same nipple shape as the Dr Brown’s bottle, but what I like about the lovey is that when he doesn’t want the pacifier, he’ll chew and play with the stuffed animal. This is also available at Target & Buy Buy Baby, but I’ve found more animal options on Amazon.
  • Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat, Wild Safari – Little Man has been wanting to sit up all the time, but isn’t quite coordinated enough yet. This has saved us from having to hold him up all the time. Plus it give him some play time and is a great seat to feed him some rice cereal and oatmeal at.
  • The Oogie Bear Booger and Ear Cleaner – This as come in handy quite a bit to safely get boogies out of his nose. If it’s too far back I like to try to loosen and suck it forward with the Nose Frida, but sometimes the Nose Frida doesn’t actually get the boogie so I scoop it out with this. Our little guy gets boogies all the time so it’s SUPER helpful.
  • Boon Serve Baby Feeding Spoons – I like this because it’s a single piece silicone spoon (so no crevices for icky things to hide in) with a shallow spoon head. Little guy still HATES eating anything other than milk, but this makes it easier to keep trying.
  • Copper Pearl Burp Cloths – Actually I LOVE all the Copper Pearl things, but currently we’re only using the burp cloths and bibs. Love them because they’re SUPER absorbent nice and large.
  • Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Baby Soother and Sound Machine, Owl – I actually had this on Little Man’s Christmas list and one of my best friends got it for him. We LOVE this portable sound machine. It’s saved us from a lot of fussing in the car seat. He usually goes down in the car but the second we stop or are stuck in traffic he usually wakes up. Now he stays down as long as the music or sounds are going. It’s AMAZING.

So far these are my Amazon finds for the little guy that I’m LOVING. I will definitely be doing a part 2 as Little Man grows and requires different things. Are there any baby products from Amazon that you’re loving that you think I should check out? If so let me know!

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