I’m Back?!?!? Life Update

Hello, and to those who were actually were following, sorry for the 2+ year hiatus. It’s been rough. From figuring out how to balance life with a baby (now toddler) to adjusting to COVID life. I’ve been in survival mode for what seems like the past 3 years. Now that we’ve settled into a home of our own, things are starting to get easier. For those who don’t know, husband got a job in LA so we had to move in with my brother so he could be closer to work, but the housing market has been crazy plus trying to sell our land we ended up staying for over a year. Between giving up the idea of building our dream home, feeling like a huge inconvenience to my brother and SIL (and not quite having the space for a toddler to play and get his energy out), it was rough. However, we are eternally grateful to them for letting us stay as long as we did. We finally bought a house and while it definitely needs some work, it’s perfect for us right now, we love our neighborhood. We’re close to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Long Beach, but more importantly so much closer to family which makes life so much easier. Also, now that kiddo is a little older and getting a hang of independent play better it’s much easier to get back to things like crafting and blogging, so hopefully, I’ll have more interesting things to say soon. Until then- Hi and I’ve missed you all!

Bubs is very glad to have his own massive playroom

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