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Rebound Workouts

I don’t know if you’ve every heard of rebounding workouts, but I AM OBSESSED. I was struggling to find an exercise that I enjoyed that wasn’t just walking. Especially, during the winter when it was cold, I didn’t really want to bundle the tiny human and go for like a 3hr walk. It just seemed like a lot of work. Then sometime last Nov, I saw Amy Davidson (from 8 Simple Rules) post on her IG a few times exercising on a trampoline and it looked SOOO FUN. Intense and fun. Naturally, I checked out the studio she was getting her workouts through (not sure if it was sponsored) and gave The Ness NYC (@thenessnyc) a follow. It took me another like month or so to actually buy a trampoline (I figured with Christmas coming up, there would be some good sales and I was wrong). I eventually found a few trampolines I liked on Amazon (had to have a bar so my son could also use it for play and had to hold enough weight because I am heavier and inevitably my son would get on it with me) and added them to a wishlist. This then notified me of price drops and one finally dropped in a price range I was comfortable with. I also kept checking major stores to see if they had sales and or price drops, but the Amazon one ended up being the least inexpensive for what I was looking for. This is the exact one I have and I would definitely recommend it.

Fast forward 2 months. I will admit I have not paid for a workout through Ness NYC YET, but because I am STILL trying to get my endurance up. I started in 5 min increments, 4x a day (usually two sets in the AM & 2 in the evening) and I do that about 3x week depending on how busy I am. Now, I get about 10min workouts in 2x a day, still about 3x a week (now that it’s warming up, we’re back outside more on walks). It is GRUELLING. Like I am DEAD after 10mins (important to note prior to this I was not active at all besides the occasional walk). I find different moves to do from the Ness NYC IG page or I searched Rebounding Workouts on Pinterest and just kind of pick moves that are for beginners and go from there. It has been FUN and even my son LOVES mimicking my workouts and will hop on when I get off, but it is definitely one of the most challenging cardio workouts I’ve done (mostly because I avoid cardio like the plague), but this type of workout helps greatly with my lack of balance AND it makes me feel like a kid again. It’s doesn’t hurt my knees (which was a big concern), flare up my plantar fasciitis, or hurt my back so it get’s an A+ from me as far as workouts go. If anyone has knows of any other studios that do online rebounding workouts, PLEASE let me know! I would love to give their classes a try once I get my endurance up.

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