Friday Fives

Friday Five – Flops

Okay so keep in mind, these are MY personal experiences and preferences and what works for others may not work for me and vice versa.

TULA products are SOOO hyped on social media, and to be honest, the products I tried were just meh. I didn’t notice any changes, there just wasn’t anything that stood out about the products for them to be pushed so hard. I tried their sunscreen, vitamin c serum, and one of the face washes (I can’t remember which one). The face wash was okay but smelled weird and my nose pores didn’t seem to get very clean (and I use a face brush). The serum also smelled weird and I didn’t like the consistency of it as much as other vitamin c serums I’ve used in the past. I couldn’t tell you if it worked or not cuz I stopped using it after a week. The sunscreen though. I used it once and tossed it. It smelled like spoiled yogurt and it didn’t give me the glowy look everyone said they got from it. Instead, it kinda looked odd on, which didn’t matter cuz it smelled so bad it was making me sick so I washed it off.

The Gathre floor mats, specifically the ones with a pattern on them are NOT worth it. I loved their changing mats when I needed them, and I LOVE their yoga mat (which was rebranded to the home mats). The hopscotch mat was not only not as soft and squishy as the yoga mat, the squares are a LITTLE too small to actually hopscotch on for anyone who’s not tiny. I think it’s too small for my 9 year old niece to use. Also, it costs over $100 and there’s a disclaimer on it that the print can be up to an inch off-centered, and to be honest for something that is high-end and that pricey, you would expect the quality control to be better. It is definitely noticeable and I only still bought it because I thought it was going to be exactly the same support as the yoga mat, but it wasn’t and therefore it just ended up being a flop. I mean we still have it out and it gets used but if I had known it wasn’t going to be the same I don’t think I would have spent the money.

Prose hair care -I don’t know who this worked for, but I did the quiz, I kept adjusting it and after like 4 months my hair felt disgusting. It was dry and brittle and not as healthy as it used to be. My hair is color-treated (like a LOT) but it’s always been really healthy still. I’ve never felt it so coarse and dry.

Caraway cookware – I’m SOOO sad to be calling it a flop cuz it is SOOOOO pretty, but mostly it’s just not practical for me. It’s not dishwasher safe (which I knew going in so I won’t fault them for that) you can’t cook on high heat (which I prefer to cuz otherwise it takes FOREVER to cook), and the nonstick is just okay. I’ve definitely gotten things stuck to it even with the use of oils and it wasn’t easy to clean off. The cleaning process is also kind of a hassle cuz you should clean it right away after it’s cooled, and then dry it right away to keep the nonstick coating good. So, personally, not for me. I did get an Always Pan but I haven’t pulled it out of the box yet, so we’ll see if it’s any better, it doesn’t have basically the same use and care instructions so it’s really gonna come down to the nonstick surface.

Optavia – okay I didn’t see a TON of people doing this, but I did see a handful, and the ones that were openly doing the program always raved about how good the food tasted and they had some AMAZING results, so I figured why not let’s give it a try. I didn’t last a day. The “fuelings” were DISGUSTING. I was struggling to eat and stomach them, and then my stomach revolted and I was have digestive issues for the next 3 days. Now, I have a lot of food intolerances so it’s possible that I was just having a bad reaction to an ingredient, but honestly, the taste was awful already. I managed to pack it up and return the rest of the food I hadn’t touched but shipping it back cost almost as much as the kit so it was kind of stupid. So giant fail.

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