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Officially a Magic Key Holder

If we’re going to be honest, I fought getting a Disney pass again for so many reasons. A) I suck at planning when I want to go to the parks. Especially, with a toddler whose mood is hard to gauge. B) They ran out of the highest tier pass very early and have no options to add parking which is ridiculous when parking is now $30 a day which is insane to me, because now I feel an obligation to stay all day vs before when I would just go for a few hours and head home. C) With a toddler, I feel like the most fun parts of the parks are the character interactions which are not available yet and not as exciting for kiddos (and I completely understand and appreciate that they’re protecting their cast members). I even bought a Knott’s Berry Farm pass instead to kick the itch for a pass, but in the end I gave in and got a pass. Partially because my older brother and his fam got passes so the cousins can go together, mostly because I missed it like CRAZY.

I will say so far Disneyland itself has been pretty crowded all the time (and I only go during the week), but CA Adventure is far more reasonable for most of their kid friendly rides and kiddo has a blast so worth it.

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